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Medium Cereal Bowl

Brassware, also called Yugi, is a kind of brass made of bronze or zinc alloyed with tin and copper. It is made using a special method of casting to dissolve tin mixed with copper and zinc and is hand-hammered to shape. This exotic and luxurious dinnerware makes a perfect serving dish – from special occasions at home to fine dining in restaurants. This special display of artistic practicality is sure to win everyone over. Yugi’s strength lies in the nature of its material that maintains the temperature of what it contains – hot or cold. Yugi is hand-made in South Korea and imported by Jane and Sienna.

  • Cues: Soup bowl, dessert bowl
  • Size: 5.25x2 inch, 0.60 lbs (270g)
  • No microwave, oven and dishwasher
  • Hand wash recommended
  • To Clean the stain, dip Yugi in water dissolved with some vinegar for 30 minutes and run with sponge gently with one direction

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"the exotic and luxurious dinnerware that makes a perfect serving dish"

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