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Our first event in Los Angeles

This summer we were very lucky to participate in two Renegade fairs in Los Angeles and San Francisco and we had a blast! To thank everyone who came out and celebrate our new linen collection, we decided to host a little get-together with flowers, sweets, tea and of course champagne, which we can never say no to.
Perfect combination of everything we love -
Setting up the table for our guests!
Customized prep box prepared by us for flower arrangements!
Some serious floral arrangement in progress!
For this intimate get-together, we invited our lovely guests to join us and they all looked gorgeous in our new apron dress Belle! Belle is designed to be worn everywhere with an aim to combine practical and aesthetic needs and it comes in two sizes (S/M & M/L) and two colors (Light & Classic Denim) so make sure to check it out! Link is below.
We had such a great time doing what we love with people who share the same interests. The entire afternoon was a beautiful and inspirational one, and we can’t thank the guests enough! Until next time! XXJS

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